Colorado Activities

So thinking about doing some fun outdoor activities.  Well they are endless here in the mile high, and it doesn’t matter whether it is the winter or the summer.  We have an awesome downtown Denver district for you to shop during the day and party at night.  It is a blast with light rail stations to bring you where ever you want and endless fun breweries and bars up and down the strip.  You will never get bored down there just be prepared for a long night because the party doesn’t stop.  If you wanna go into the mountains and snowboard or ski we have that also with great restaurants and bars up there.  These mountain towns are set for your own Colorado vacation with Glenwood springs close by for the relaxing weekend in the hot springs and spa.  I am telling you we have so many things to do in Colorado it is unreal.  So why aren’t you here yet come on.

For those that live here I don’t have to tell you how awesome this state is because the only other state that has fans is Texas and they don’t know what a real state is like lol.  It is Colorado adventure time and I know we all have our ways of having fun, but maybe this year try something new like skydiving or dog sledding?  Yes, I said dog sledding we have it here in those Rocky Mountains, so take a Colorado Mountain adventure and go dog sledding in Breckenridge.  I just found out about this and now it is on my list to do, because come on how fun would that be to dog sled around the mountains.  So I think it is time for us Coloradans to take our own vacation in Colorado and just enjoy ourselves.


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